Narrator: American Female - With ability to perform Irish and Spanish English Dialects.

Word Count/Length: 113,000 words. Approximately 11 hours of audio

Genre: Fantasy

The genre is fantasy with several characters and a few English dialects (Spanish, Irish, Welsh) Distinctive character performance needed ONLY for the 3 main characters. For the rest a subtle voice change will work just to separate the dialogue. Proper pronunciation of words is required because there are differences in dialects from a very well educated person, to a commoner, to a peasant, to a person with a Welsh accent.

Female narrator with a soft sensual voice for one character but that can change to accommodate those nuances of speech dialects.



Calixta is the main Character and she is the equivalent of a tripple PhD that can speak 6 languages and she does not use contraction when she speaks. She enunciates every word to perfection and is eloquent, elegant, sensual and poised. Her name is pronounced Ka, lix, Tah


Miomi is a secondary Character and she is well educated, speaks english almost perfect with a slight sexy Spanish from Barcelona, Spain accent. She is poise but has a slight sarcastic side to her. Her name is pronounced My, o, Like Open, Mee


Lala is the one with the peasant Irish accent or you can try Scottish accent. Her name is pronounced La- la  like the musical note la on both. 


Whenever it is Calixta’s POV the voice has to be a Sensual tone. For that we will provide a special manuscript to denote who is the POV of the section. If the POV’s are the 3 female character associated with Calixta then it is a softer more feminine voice. If the POV is the antagonist then the voice would be strong but generic. 


As usual we require the narrator to deliver a great performance of the script. Files must be completely RAW meaning NO processing with EQ, Compression, Limiting, Normalizing, Noise Reduction etc. NOTHING. We will be doing all that in the cleanup, mix master stage.

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