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Free Casting List & Auditions Feature

As a leader in quality audiobook productions and excellence in service, e-Audio Productions allows authors to create casting lists directly from the Narrators page in the website. And more exciting is the fact that no signup is required.

In addition, you can always skip this custom casting list option and contact us to request an open audition. or schedule a free consulation meeting In this case we will handle the process -again for free- and open an internal audition to all of our over 500 taleneted narrartors. We wil gather the best samples that match your narrator request and send them to you to finalize your selection.

How to create your Free Custom Casting List and get your free samples.

  1. Browse through the featured narrators and click the "add to casting list" button on any narrator(s) you like.

  2. Upload your audition manuscript and book information from the form below the narrtors list and click submit

  3. Our team will produce the audiobook samples with the narrators you selected and send you a link to listen after a few days.

That's it! No strings attached.

Check out the video below to see the process in action

Free Casting List & Auditions Feature

e-Audio Productions

Get your free audtions with our narrators. No sign up required. Simply select your narrators, upload your auditions manuscript and we will produce the samples with the narrators you selected

Want to learn more about making an audiobook? Schedule a free consulation call and we will happily give you all the information abour production and distribution of your audiobook.

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