What does e-AudioProductions do?

We work with audio and music productions. We can improve the quality of your audio recordings of podcasts, audio books, presentations and more. We can produce audio for radio and web ads and/or provide you with original theme/back ground music for your project.


What other services can you provide?

We can improve the sound audio recordings such as podcasts, audio books, presentations or any other recording.

We can improve, edit and/or synchronize audio with video.

Ad music to your projects or even compose custom music for your radio or web ad or any other project.

Produce radio ads or audio for web ads and sync with video files.


What is the turnaround time on a project?

We go through your recording and make it sound as best as possible. For audio editing and improvement please allow from 48 up to 120 hours depending on the length of the project. A 120 minute Audio book will take longer than a podcast intro to edit.


What type of audio files can you work on?

We wan work with almost all types of files such as AIFF, WAV, WAVE, WMA, MP3, FLAC, CAF, AU and more.


How can I send you my audio file?

Feel free to let us know how it is better and easier for you to send us your file. Via dropbox, a download link, email, you name it.



After we send you the final track, you will notice how much we have improved your recording. However, if you are unhappy with the reausalt, we can go over it again and make changes.



You can pay via paypal or banktransfer. Once you have deposited the minimum charge of 10 minutes, we will start working on your peoject. Due to the amount of time we put into our work the minimum charge is not reundable.