We are happy to have Joshua on our roster of voice actors. He studied Theatre and Music at the University of Glasgow and has trained as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He has been a regular feature on BBC Radio Four’s nature documentary series ‘Natural Histories’ and most recently has been recording numerous voiceovers for Amazon. Joshua also has a long list of completed audiobooks. His samples below are proof of his vast talent. 

Accents: British, American, Scottish

Special Skills: Excellent Character Performance


American Characters
Non Fiction - 21 Escapes of Alastair Cram (Scottish)
Children's Lit - Hunt for the Mad Wolf's Daughter
Thriller - I know My Name
Fiction - Last Bus To Everland


Commercials Reel UK Accents
Commercial - Sumup -UK
Commercial - Glenlivit - UK
Commercial - Lidl - Scottish
Commercial - Peugeot UK
Gaming -Cynical - US
Gaming - Russian Bruiser
Gaming - Dwarf Blacksmith
Gaming - Orcish London
Gaming - Villain