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Welcome to our Roster Of Voice Actors at e-Audio Productions

This agreement is made between the signed Narrator submitting this form and e-Audio Media Productions LLC, (e-Audio Productions) and shall govern the relationship between the parties as to all terms described below.


This agreement is intended to serve as a Specific Services Agreement that applies to all Audiobook Productions entered into and between e-Audio Productions and Narrator.


This agreement is an independent contractor, work for hire agreement between e-Audio Productions and Narrator.

Narrator understands and agrees to the following


e-Audio Productions is a premium production studio that focuses on high quality productions. Working with e-Audio Productions is a collaboration between Narrator and e-Audio Productions with a goal to produce high quality productions. e-Audio Productions acts as a producer and project manager and Narrator must operate according to the terms set by e-Audio Productions

Production Types

E Productions (clients are authors) and P Productions (clients are book publishers). Narrators focus on recording a great performance and deliver RAW "punch n roll" files meaning edited out of mistakes and repeats but nothing more. To ensure the quality of our productions all detailed editing, post production, cleanup, reverb reduction, noise reduction, lip and mouth sounds reduction, breath control mixing and mastering is performed here at e-Audio Productions studio. 

Narrators are responsible and must record their best performance of the given manuscript and deliver raw "punch n roll" wav files. (edited out of mistakes and repeats but nothing more).

Then e-Audio Productions will go through the recording and perform cleanup of the sound, reduction/elimination of humm/hiss noise, mouth click reduction, mixing, overall mastering and formatting to complete the production.

Narrator Selection By Rights Holder

1. Clients browse through Voice Actor samples in the Service Production Pages on our website. Clients can request a sample recordings with any narrator they believe fits their project based on rate and voice. If a client requests a sample recording with a narrator, then the narrator, if interested and available, agrees to record a free sample and we will produce a free 5 minute demo of the final product.

2. Clients request casting for audiobooks. We post the audiobook audition in our Production Newsletter and Narrators that are interested may submit an audition. We then forward the sample recordings to the author to make the selection

Production Process

After a narrator is chosen to perform the reading for the production of an audiobook, the author, voice actor and e-Audio Productions are connected through a private Audiobook Production Workspace Portal where all communication and requests regarding the recordings, name and word pronunciations, file uploads and notes shall be exclusively made from. Additional samples may be requested from the client to ensure correct pronunciations. Narrators upload the recordings and clients listen and review for any corrections needed. When the client approves the reading of each file/chapter we then take the audio for cleanup, mix and master and delivery of the final audiobook.


Revisions: Narrator agrees to unlimited revisions until the client is happy with the recording and is expected to deliver the recording as the script is. Narrator job is to record and deliver what the script says. Sending in incomplete or wrong readings is like "not getting the job done correctly" Any mistakes in the recording of the manuscript will be asked to and have to be redone.

Audiobook Copyrights: Narrator agrees to retain no rights over the Audiobook recording, including all copyright, rights of authorship or rights of publicity.

Recording and Production Copyrights belong to the client/rights holder.

Payments: For Audiobooks through e-Audio Productions, narrator shall receive 50% of the approximate total of their payment upon delivery of the raw recordings of the audiobook and then the remaining amount is settled upon completion when any pickups are corrections are made, author has approved the recordings and the final length of the audiobook is set. Narrators/Voice actors are required to send an official invoice.

Turnaround time: Turnaround time is always discussed and subject to each project and the voice artist must respect and deliver the recordings upon the agreed turnaround time.​ Long delays of 4 weeks and more may result in payment withhold and termination of the collaboration

Marketing: e-Audio Productions can use the provided by the Narrator images, audio samples and experience info to create a narrator profile page in our website for further marketing and promotion of audiobook productions with e-Audio productions & the narrator. (ex. Youtube Videos, Social Media) Contact details are never shared.

Newsletter: Narrator agrees to receive notification emails for Requests & Auditions and Production News

Trust & Good Faith: Narrator agrees to honor e-Audio Productions' operation and effort to attract clients. All work assigned to Narrator through e-Audio Productions shall remain exclusively within the e-Audio Productions platform. Narrator/Voice Actor shall not attempt to contact the clients directly.

Voice Actors Agree to commit to the above terms of production/cooperation, work as a team and aim to keep our clients satisfied. Failing at any of the terms may result in termination of the contract and removal from the e-Audio Productions Roster without further notice.

Before proceeding to cooperation narrators must understand and agree to our audiobook production policies above.


No Obligation To Submit Auditions

Narrator has no obligation to submit auditions for audiobooks that are not in the narrator interest.


Further Production Agreements

Further Production Agreements for specific audiobook productions may be required. Such agreements will override the terms of this current agreement only for the specific audiobook. Some audiobook productions may have flexible pricing giving Narrator the flexibility to adjust the rate that will override the rates in this agreement. Such productions will be indicated in the production request.

Thank you for submitting the Narrator Roster Agreement. Welcome to our roster!

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