Voice Actor Roster Info Sheet/Agreement


Welcome to our Roster Of Narrators at e-Audio Productions

The following script containing e-Audio Production's terms of co-operation with voice actors for audiobook production is considered a contractor contract between e-Audio Productions and the Voice Actor/Narrator submitting the form below.


Production: We focus on high quality productions. Backing white/hiss noise and humm, lip click sounds between the words and other unwanted elements that have negative impact on the overall quality and listening experience are not a part of our product. To ensure the quality of our productions all cleanup of reverb reduction, noise reduction, lip and mouth sounds reduction, mixing and mastering is performed here in our studio. Voice Actors should be able to record decent quality audio and in rooms with minimum early reflections/reverb and no external sounds. If a narrator/voice actor is editing out mistakes the editing must be seamless without clicks or thumps and with excellent pacing. Background white noise/hisss or low end humm is acceptable up to a point where we can remove it in post production without altering the natural sound of the voice.

To produce higher quality audio "everyone focuses on what they do best". Narrators/Voice Actors focus on recording a great performance and our audio producers do all the rest (cleanup, post production, mixing/mastering) here in our studio. Narrators/Voice Actors are responsible to and must record and deliver their best performance of the given manuscript as it is and without mistakes. Then e-Audio Productions will go through the recording and perform cleanup of the sound, reduction/elimination of humm/hisss noise that is most times found in recordings, mouth click reduction, mixing EQ, Compression and overall mastering to the industry standards will be done by us here in our studio. 

Voice Actor Selection: Clients can browse through Voice Actors samples in the Service Production Pages in our website.

Clients select the Voice Actor they believe fits their project. 


The Process For Audiobooks: If a client requests a sample recording with a Voice Actor the Voice Actor agrees to record a free sample and we produce a free 5 minute demo of the final product. Sample requests are free to the client.  After a narrator is chosen to perform the reading for the production of an audiobook, the author, voice actor and e-Audio Productions are connected through a private discussion board from where all communication and requests regarding the recordings, name and word pronunciations, file uploads and notes shall be exclusively made from. Additional samples may be requested from the client. Narrators upload the recordings and clients listen and review for any corrections needed. When client approves the reading of each file/chapter we then take the audio for cleanup, mix and master and delivery of the final audiobook.

Option 2 Narrator Delivers Completed Audiobook - Narrators that have proven skills to produce high quality audiobooks that meet at least our minimum standards of quality may be requested to deliver the full final production ready to be published. Such cases are subject to narrator audio production skills and availability. All files go through our quality control check before being passed to our clients. The ACX requirements have become the standard in the audiobook industry and are required for audiobooks to be accepted by most major platforms. We require the same  standards regarding files however our Noise Floor standards and mp3 file Bit Rates are of higher quality and as follows:


Maximum Noise Floor -99db, Minimum Mp3 Bit Rate 224 Kbps 

AudioBook Credits/Copyrights: Voice Actors are on work for hire for e-AudioProductions.com. In online platforms that require the narrator to be submitted both the Narrator and e-Audio Productions will be submitted as narrator. Voice actor doesn’t retain any rights over the product or the work Recording And Production Copyrights belong to e-Audio Productions. 

The Process For Productions Other Than Audiobooks: After a client selects a voice actor to perform the voice over, the client, voice actor and e-Audio Productions are connected through a private discussion board from where all communication and requests regarding the recordings, word pronunciations, file uploads and notes shall be exclusively made from. Voice actors upload the recordings and clients listen and review for any corrections needed. When client approves the voice recording we then take the audio and cleanup, mix and master, add music, sfx and deliver the final production. In cases of short voice overs like Podcast Intros or Radio Ads the connection of client, narrator may be skipped.

Revisions: Voice Actor agrees to unlimited revisions until the client is happy with the recording and is expected to deliver the recording as the script is. The Voice Actors job is to record and deliver what the script says. Sending in uncompleted or wrong readings  is like "not getting the job done correctly" Any mistakes in the recording of the script will be asked to and have to be redone.

 Payments: For Audiobooks: We always ask for a 50% deposit from our clients in order to start production. Narrators are paid 30% of the approximate total of their payment prior to starting production and then the remaining amount is settled upon completion.

 For productions other than Audiobooks: Full payments are made after the completion of the voice over production. Narrators/Voice actors are required to send an official invoice. Payments are made via Credit Card or Paypal.

 Response time: We like to reply as fast as possible to our client requests and they like it. So Voice Artists are expected to reply within 24 hours to any request. Replies to the client’s messages through the private board shall also be made within 24 hours.

​Turnaround time: Turnaround time is always discussed and subject to each project and the voice artist must respect the agreed upon turnaround time.​

 Marketing: e-Audio Productions can use the provided by the Voice Actor/Narrator image, audio samples and experience info to create a narrator profile page in our website e-AudioProductions.com for further marketing and promotion of audiobook productions with e-Audio productions & the narrator. (ex. Youtube Videos, Socila Media) Contact details are never shared.


Newsletter:  Narrator agrees to receive notification emails for Requests & Auditions and Production News 

Voice Actors Agree to commit to the above terms of audiobook production/cooperation, work as a team and aim to keep our clients satisfied. Failing at any of the terms may result in termination of the contract. 

Before proceeding to cooperation narrators must understand and agree to our audiobook production policies above.





Agreed rates until 31 Dec. 2022

Rates For Audiobook Productions

Delivery of RAW Files (USD/PFH) $150

Delivery of Completed Audiobook $190

Rates For Voice Overs Other Than Audiobooks

(Delivery Of RAW Files)

Podcast Intro/Outro Voice Recording $60

     On Hold / IVR Voice Recordings


  • Up to 100 words $50

  • Up to 200 words $90 

  • Up to 300 words $130

  • Up to 400 words $170 + $40 for every 100 words

Voice Overs For BroadCast Use - TV Ads, Paid Internet Ads 

  • Up to 15 seconds $90   

  • Up to 30 seconds $125 

  • Up to 60 seconds $190

                                              Voice Overs For Non Broadcast Use - Non Paid internet ads, explainers, youtube videos etc.                                                                                     

  • Up to 15 sec $40 

  • Up to 30 sec $70 

  • Up to 60 sec $90

  • Up 2 minutes $140