Narrator: Standard American Accent

Word Count: 2298 words

Genre/Subject: Non Fiction / Childhood Series

Audition Closes On: Saturday 02/15/2020 23:59 ET

About the project.

The “Dreams of This Little Boy” book is revealing the side of life misfortune of children and the pain in their rearing. The Dreams of This Little Boy experience will bring the breakthrough against any past opposition and oppression, opposing in the healing of adults from their childhood vacancy and children who are currently feeling neglected, rejected, abuse, abandon, and tormented. We’ve been made free to be, free to live, free to forgive and free to love. Your life was an ultimate situation, not personal but intentional: Permitted and designed by the creator of what was to be of our life which belongs to Him. Difficulties, trials, and hurt are facts of life for everyone. No one person is capable to escape. I am particularly speaking for those of us with backgrounds of addiction, abuse of any type, rejections, abandonment, loneliness or other dysfunctions. May we allow the Source of all Created Life help us as individuals who have found themselves as adults whom never grew through the experiences of a broken, stolen and painful childhood? May children who will open these pages be given their privileges, purposes, promises and power for all permitted circumstances? Help us to accept the purpose and importance of our upbringing no matter what it was and to receive the absolute truth of “whatever it was, had to be”.


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