Narrator: Young Adult - Ability to perform Neutral American Accent as main narration. Secondary accents needed Australian English, German English and Kenyan English

Word Count: 459,000 words

Genre/Subject: Non Fiction / Travel Memoir

About the project.


The audiobook includes dozens of characters. Therefore the narrator IS NOT required to perform distinctive voices for each character. A subtle change in the voice during dialogue will do. But to compensate that the narrator should try to maintain a level of consistency in how he chooses to evoke reoccurring characters.


However the performance of 4 different accents should be focused on.


Ideally, the narrator would be male, mid-twenties, with a Canadian or neutral American accent. He would also need to adopt a few additional accents, including Kenyan, Australian, and German. While the book is written in English, there is occasional use of the odd Swahili phrase, though as a phonetic language, pronunciation of the written form is fairly straightforward.

The samples

The PDF attached contains characters with the 4 basic accents.

The first features some of the Kenyan teachers at the Wikondiek primary school; the second features Sabina with neutral American or Canadian accent,the third, Sam, a New Zealander living in Kenya with New Zealand or Australian accent; the fourth features Anja, a somewhat belligerent German woman. Finally, the fifth includes a few of the school children who feature prominently throughout the book. All in all, the five samples amount to four pages. We'd like to get a sense of how your would capture the unique 'voice accents' of each character, whilst differentiating them from that of the overarching narrator.

Here is a general overview of the subject matter:

“Few understand my motivation to venture to Kenya for a teaching internship in Wikondiek, a small village near Lake Victoria. I am curious to see what goes on in that part of the world once the World Vision cameras stop rolling. I begin to second-guess my decision when I meet my fellow intern, Sabina, a beautiful but prickly Persian who is offered the position despite never having applied for it. Our host is Phoebe Asiyo, the only female elder among the Luo tribe of Kenya.

The daughter of a backcountry preacher, she rose to become one of the first female MPs in her country, surviving assassination attempts from a hostile government and going on to entertain Barack Obama and his future wife, Michelle, when he visited Luo-Nyanza as a senator.

With no prior teaching experience, I prove feckless in the classroom. Many of my students are malnourished but still manage to run roughshod over me. Sabina and I stumble from one blunder to the next with comic and sometimes devastating consequences. On our first outing, we run amok of the self-proclaimed King of Kisumu and narrowly evade a kidnapping attempt. In the heart of Kibera, a young slum-dwelling philosopher pours out his heart over the purity of ideas and the need for more African voices in literature. On the white sand beaches of Mombasa’s southern coast, a drunken colonialist raves about the past. Meeting the locals on their own terms leads to greater acceptance. Few westerners have visited Wikondiek and the villagers’ fascination with me is a startling introduction to Kenyan attitudes towards whiteness and the West. The book interweaves the legacy of previous interns, the first European explorers, Kenyan freedom fighters and heroes of various tribal oral histories as they arise in present times to shape my personal experiences.”

Production Process:

As with all our audiobook productions the narrator is required to record and deliver his great performance of the manuscript without mistakes and without repeats. All files should be WAV files at 48000 Hz (48 kHz) is the sample rate.

IMPORTANT: Files should be completely RAW with absolutely NO processing. No noise gates. No Noise Reduction. NO Limiting. NO Compression. NO EQ. NO Normalizing. NO ACX Levels Mastering. NOTHING. All that will be done here in the studio.

We work through a dedicated work space in our website where a producer of us, the author and the narrator will connect through a message board. All things regarding narration (word and name pronunciations, tone etc) can be discussed there before you start recording. You can post questions at any time. Narrator uploads the recordings for the author to review. If any corrections are needed due to narrator error the author will note the time stamp for you to go back in and make the correction. When each chapter is approved by the author we then move forward to cleanup, noise reduction, mouth and lip sounds reduction, EQ, Compression and Mastering. 

Budget: We know the budget for this audiobook is low regarding the usual/average PFH rate. Since it is quite longer than the average we are giving the author the opportunity to produce his audiobook at a doable price at a special offer. Therefore the budget for this audiobook is $5,000 maximum payment to the narrator. This is a contractor agreement and relationship between e-Audio Productions . No commercial or production rights involved. It is though a great project to be included in ones portfolio. 


If you would like to be considered for this audiobook production please submit your audition samples with the form below.