PodCast Editing & Post Production

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 Give Your Audience A Better Listening Experience
High Quality & Detailed Editing By Professionals At Very Good Rates


As a complete audio production service we are one of the few companies that work in a professional studio environment with high end gear and equipment along with years of experience in audio editing/production, mixing and mastering. This ensures we will bring out the best possible sound of your recordings.



We care about sound quality and we do want you to sound the best you can so we always pay special attention to every recording and treat them all separately according to what each one really needs.  We also provide FREE consulting and help you capture the best possible sound with your gear or help you select gear and set it all up for optimized recording along with setting the proper input levels and microphone positioning to help you record the best possible audio.  

Audio Samples

*Removal of stuttering, ahhhs and uhmms, *pacing fix

*noise reduction, *audio cleanup and enhancing, *leveling

Sample 1 - Podcast Editing
00:00 / 00:00
Sample 2 - Podcast Editing
00:00 / 00:00

Audiobook Release Podcast

    Audio Editing
  • Remove ahs, ums, breaths, stammering and general mistakes 

  • Remove words, sentences or entire sections and/or cut/copy/paste 

  • Remove silence or long gaps and give a smoother flow 

  • Change the timing or speed of words, phrases or entire section

    Clean Up - "Clean it up"
  • Eliminate or reduce plosives (popped P's), sibilance (distorted "S" in words)

  • Reduce or eliminate background noise, hum and hiss

  • Reduce or eliminate room reverb sound

  • Reduce or eliminate pops and clicks


    Mixing & Mastering
  • Applying EQ for clarity and help elements stand out

  • Applying Compression to even out dynamics and levels

  • Enhance the sound of your audio file increasing the overall clarity and volume level

  • Master to industry standards

    Free Recording Consulting
  • Help you record better audio

  • Assistance on gear within your budget

  • Help you on setup

  • Microphone placement

  • Input gain and settings


        Professional Intro Productions
  • Professional Voice Actors

  • Original Theme Music

  • Professional Mixing

        Transcription & Show notes
  • Detailed and Accurate Transcription


Intro Outro Production

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A well produced Intro/Outro keeps your audience listening!

Have us produce an effective high quality Intro/Outro for your Podcast voiced by one of our professional voice artists, music from our music library and mixed and mastered in our studio.


    Theme Music


 Voice Artists