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Australian Female Voice Actor E188

Updated: Jun 16

CLOSED - Auditions Submitted For Review

Auditions Close June 6 11:59 PM US EASTERN TIME / Melbourne Time 9:59 AM June 7

Narrator. Australian Female

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 71,000

Performance: Husky, Humorous, Funny.


A humorous erotic fiction, or the humorous side of sex.

Evelyn Wright is 29, works in a hospital sterilizing unit, and her biological clock is a time bomb, according to her sister, Joy.

When Joy discovers, via the internet, that on average a woman has 8 sexual partners before finding Mr Right, it triggers Evelyn to go fishing, because as her father often says,

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

As 8 different men entice, tantalise, and seduce Evelyn , she learns about sex and what they got up to in the Karma Sutra without a back massage.

And of course, Evelyn learns about love ... eventually.