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Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

Female American Narrator P.O22918

Updated: Jan 23


Client: Publisher - ID PO22918

Information sent by the publisher

Genre: Non Fiction Biography/Memoir

Word Count: 16753

Narrator: Female

Accents: STandard American

Tone: age 35-50

Performance: Adapt to moments of animation/drama with other more calm narratives.


Uncover Life’s Profound Lessons through a Transformative Journey from Death to Life. 

Immerse yourself in the profound narrative of 11:11 A Journey from Death to Life, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of adversity. The author bravely shares her deeply personal journey, centered on the loss of her father, a pivotal experience that offers a trove of profound life lessons. As she guides you through her labyrinth of grief, you will witness firsthand her emergence on the other side - a testament to life's remarkable capacity for growth and renewal.

Mello-Navejas intertwines her personal narrative with the symbolic significance of 11:11, a recurring motif that punctuates her life experiences, serving as a catalyst for transformation and growth. Her story is not only about loss and grief but also about embracing each day fearlessly, seizing opportunities with courage, and finding empowerment within life's challenges.


Please record your great performance, send in raw "punch n roll" wav files. Recordings should be edited for mistakes and repeats but nothing more.

IMPORTANT: No EQ, No Compression, No Saturation, No Limiting or Normalizing. All that along with detailed edits for breath control, lip/mouth sounds, mixing, mastering will be done in our studio.

Download Audition PDF


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