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Female Audiobook Narrator ID. P174

Updated: Mar 14

CLOSED - In Production

Author: Terry Boucher

Book Title: Christmas Peas and Princesses: A Story of Love and Dreams

Narrator: Female Accent: Standard American.

Performance: Soft, Storytelling, Young

Word Count: 10,300 words

Genre/Subject: Fiction / Children's Story

About the project.

This is a children’s Christmas story. The characters are basically nice people and their

tone of voice should reflect this. Taryn and Kevin are sincere, Queen Victoria is nice

but proper. King Matthew is wise and comforting in his voice. Dorothy is basically nice

but a bit mischievous.

Queen Victoria wants her son, Prince Kevin, to marry a "real princess". She has found the perfect match for Kevin in Dorothy, a local mayor'ss daughter. But on Christmas Eve, a

mysterious young woman named Taryn appears at the royal mansion seeking refuge from a

surprise snowstorm, and Kevin seems smitten with this new visitor. Will this mysterious young lady upset Queen Victoria's plans?

Selected Narrator is required to focus on a great performance of the book without mistakes. For auditions mp3 files are accepted. For production narrator shall deliver all files in RAW WAV format. No Mixing, No EQ, No Compression, No Noise Reduction, No Normalizing, No Limiting shall be applied. All mixing and post production shall be performed by e-Audio Productions in studio.