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Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

Male & Female Narrator E.2307

Updated: May 13, 2022

Closed - Auditions under review by the author

Genre: Science Fiction / Romance /Adventure. A blend of action, scientific intrigue, romantic suspense, and psychological tension in a genre-defying thrill ride.

Word Count: 105,000 total

Narrators: Male & Female - Male to perform main narration and male characters. Female to perform female characters.

Accents: Main Narraton in standard American.

1. Male Voice: The manuscript has male voices in American and British English, a few phrases in Spanish, one character briefly speaks in Spanish-Accented English, and two characters briefly speak in Arabic-accented English.

2. Female Voice: Are mostly American English, although two characters speak phrases in Spanish (one Colombian, one Puerto Rican)


Simon Lyons can see ten seconds in the future. His employer thinks he's useful. His victims think he’s a sociopath. He knows he’s going insane.

A book from his past leads him to a university professor with an unexpected gift: Dr. Kelly Austin seems to be the only person who mutes his condition. Around her, Simon cannot see ahead, making him inexplicably sane. The feeling of normalcy and calm is intoxicating, and Simon uses every tool at his disposal to enter Kelly’s life, find the cure, and leave.

That’s when Simon’s past returns, stopping at nothing to keep secrets buried. When someone takes Kelly to bring him under control, Simon must choose: a familiar and violent past, or the terror of redemption.

Please record your great performance and send over raw WAV files.

No EQ, No Compression, No Limiting or anything shall be applied.

(we recommend the punch n roll technique so you can save time from editing repeats and misreads) Auditions will be produced and forwarded to the author.

Click to download Audition PDF

Download PDF • 173KB


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