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Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

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Male Narrator P.2151

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

CLOSED Auditions Under Review

Word Count: 48,992

Genre: Bible based true story with fiction parts.

Narrator: Male

Accent: Northeast America - New Hampshire/ Massachusetts - British type English

Performance: Energetic, positive, characters

Tone: If God is speaking to Moses - deep and resonating...Moses low but humble


About walking in the sandals of Moses. However most narration will be about what Moses is thinking —as if musing about the people’s actions and apologetic when speaking to God because of the people’s complete disregard of the miracles God is performing for them. Moses realizes that God might just wipe them out at any time because of their DISOBEDIENCE and oftentimes falls on his face to save the people from their own actions. The people unwittingly request Moses to intercede with God because of their desire, showing their lack of faith in the Covenant God has made with them. The stories about the miracles God has blessed many people of today are nonfiction, written by their own hand and sent to this author to show God’s faithfulness and make them want to have a personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus), the Son of God and to ask the Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit, to help each one of them to strive for a new image —to be more like Him every day


Working with us is a collaboration between narrators and us to produce High Quality audiobooks for our clients.

Because at e-Audio Productions we have a strict focus on High Quality Productions, everyone focuses on what they do best. Narrators focus on recording a GREAT performance of the book and we take care of cleanup, breath control, lip/mouth sounds removal, mix, master, formatting etc. in our studio.

If you are auditioning with us for the first time, your audio will be evaluated. Poor sounding recordings with a lot of noise and room reverb that cannot be fixed in post production will be rejected but we will provide tips on how to improve it.

Please record your great performance and send over raw WAV files.

No EQ, No Compression, No Limiting or anything shall be applied.

(we recommend the punch n roll technique so you can save time from editing repeats and misreads)

Auditions will be produced and forwarded to the author.

Narrator will be selected by the author.

Download Audition Info PDF BELOW.


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