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Narrator For Audiobook ID. P179

Updated: Mar 28

CLOSED - Auditions Under Review By The Author

Hello Voice Actors! We have a new audiobook audition open.

Narrator: Male or Female

Accent: Standard American

Voice Tone: Deep

Performance Tone: Dramatic / Story Telling

Word Count: 13,423 words

About the book.

Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy a journey that seems - by chance. But... I have come to realize that nothing is by chance. Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy to me... That the spirit of a supreme being exist in all things living and can he shared when life parallel's in one accord or a relative adventure transpires simultaneous in union with this supreme being. The book reveals this reality through a special love that shows profoundness of this harmonious, co-existence with the supreme one. The book also supports the concept that cats are creatures of myth and mystery. Those cats are affectionate, psychic. sociable and have variable personalities and attitudes and their behavior ranges from aloof, bright, courageous, lovable and beastly to downright bizarre. Possessing great dignity, pride and a lot of irony in their nature.

Selected Narrator is required to focus on a great performance of the book without mistakes. For production narrator shall deliver all files in RAW WAV format. No Mixing, No EQ, No Compression, No Noise Reduction, No Normalizing, No Limiting shall be applied. All cleanup, post, mixing and mastering shall be performed by e-Audio Productions in studio.

For auditions please submit a final mixed sound in mp3 format

Click here to download the sample manuscript in PDF