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Adrianne Price

Adrianne Price


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Hi! (Firstly, I'm sorry to say I'm not trained with punch n roll.) I'm a professional, full time female voice actress with 30+ years of VO experience. My home studio has:
Mics: Neumann TLM 102, Sennheiser, Rode, and RCA ribbon. (Beyerdynamics headphones)
Computer & Software: Mac, Adobe Audition
Pro recording booth & studio
I am a classically trained singer by trade, but I got into VO's shortly after graduating from college back when the tar pits cooled. I have lived in Ohio, Southern California, Minnesota, and now Alabama. (My husband is an audio engineer/radio program director, so that's why we've moved so much!) I have an ear for many accents and it has come in handy, esp with recording audiobooks. I've recorded about 20 books, the majority have been nonfiction children's books, set in Europe.
I'd love to talk with you about possibly being added to your roster.
Thanks so very much,


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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