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Amy Gorelow

Amy Gorelow


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Hi! My name is Amy, and I'm a narrator, actor, and musician living in Chicago. I've done 25 books for ACX, Tantor, Audivita, and others, and I've had over 25 years of professional acting experience including theatre, improv, and voice. I work out of a moving-blanket studio in my basement. I use a Shure Beta 58 mic, a Scarlett Solo interface, my DAW is Audacity, and I record on my MacBook Pro. (But I prep on my iPad.)

I don't have any truly raw files at hand, but Raw Sample #1 is from a class that I didn't bother to take many of my breaths or clicks out of. Raw Sample #2 is a file from a book before I put it through RX. It's from six months ago and it's less of a problem now, but I wanted you to hear my mouth at its noisiest.


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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