Cathi Colas


My name is Cathi Colas and I am a full-time Voice Over Professional. I have been doing Voice Over for approximately 5 years and have experience in many different areas, but audiobooks are my niche. I have voiced a large body of work through ACX and Findaway Voices in Self-Help, Classics, Mystery, Action and Suspense, etc. I am a versatile Voice Actress, and I add value to any project I am invited to undertake. In addition to my work as a Voice Actress, I teach Intro and Masterclasses for Suchavoice.

I am detail-oriented and a consummate professional. My projects are typically completed ahead of deadlines and I am always available for revisions and directed sessions. I get anywhere from $100 to $175 PFH on most of my projects. I added some of my Professional Demos in your Previously Finished Work section, and you can hear more versions of completed work on my website.

I am empathetic, innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial. I am a communicator that understands you need to actively listen to generate positive, successful experiences for your clients. I am a team player that believes the success of any project comes from everyone understanding the mission and working together to bring about the ideal experience for all of our customers. I am a leader and a motivator, and I love what I do.

I look forward to connecting with you. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Cathi Colas