Claire Calverley


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Hi there! I would love to join your pool of talent. My name is Claire Calverley - I’m a British English voice over artist with a bright, warm, friendly voice. I’m also an audiobook narrator with 10 titles on Audible. I’m excellent at most UK accents, some US, French and Australian accents too. I have worked professionally for five years in the industry (for the previous 20 I was a stage, and screen actor and drama teacher.)
I have a wonderful acoustically treated home studio with a condenser mic (SE2200) an Mtrack interface and a noise floor of average -70db.
My clients include ITV, BBC R4, Rutherford Cancer Centres, Manchester Police, Sayer Hamilton (Elearning Voices), CarrotCruncher Podcasts, BeeAudio, Sounds Sorted Radio Adverts and IECT online conferences.
Have a great weekend and thanks for listening!