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Dallas E


American, Canadian, British, Australian, South African, South American

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As an experienced audiobook narrator, actor, director, and avid reader, Rick loves working with authors to bring their stories to life. He partners with you to ensure your characters and story are heard the way you wrote them.

He perform a wide variety of accents including varieties of American, British, South American, South African, Australian, Italian, French, German, and more!

A native English speaker, Rick has also studied Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese.


Scottish Male - Legal Thriller
00:00 / 28:31:27
Father and Son - Military Thriller
00:00 / 103:16:14
American Drama Male
00:00 / 48:30:28
Scottish American Courtroom Drama
00:00 / 28:30:58
American Paranormal Thriller
00:00 / 58:58:43
American Crime Thriller
00:00 / 22:06:08
American Religious Non-Fiction
00:00 / 78:31:37
American Midwest Drama
00:00 / 67:44:39

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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