Damon Knox


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Hello good people. My name is Damon Knox, D.Knox for short. Over the years I have worked as a music producer, voice actor, graphic designer and radio host. All in which I still do within D.Knox Productions LLC. I work out of my own office DAW's with Pro Tools and have over 15 years experience in audio engineering and production. Voice Acting, Radio Hosting, Audio production, Audio Book narration, Cartography are a few of the possibilities ...

I've learned in life that if you don't take the first steps you can't complain. Please take the time to look through my portfolio. Thank you for your time and hope to work with you soon.

When vocal recording I utilize a Shure MV7, a Sterling SP150 and a SP130 microphone. My recording software consist of Pro Tools, Ableton and Izotope Ozone for mastering. Additionally a Yamaha MG 06X Equalizer, a DBX 266xs Compressor Gate and a Command 8 Control Unit for Pro Tools.

Unfortunately I have only narrated audiobooks during the course of my career so that is the audio that I have uploaded. I am hoping that will change in the near future. Thank you for you time and consideration.

Damon Knox