Jillian Yetter


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I have been narrating audiobooks for 2.5 years and have produced 32 books in that time. I specialize in Young Adult, Fantasy, and Sweet Romance. Before starting in narration, I was a high school English Teacher for 10 years, which included 3 years of working as a performance coach in the Spoken Word Poetry competition Poetry Out Loud. I have a Bachelor's of Arts in English Education and a Masters in Education. Recently, I took courses on audio production with Don Baarns, sessions with Shannon Parks Narration Coach, upgraded my studio space, and started working with an audio engineer at Anansi Audio. I am newly on the roster with Deyan Audio and Pink Flamingo Productions though, at this point, all my titles have been produced through ACX and Audiobooks Unleashed.

I am very strong with character voices and dialogue amongst multiple characters. My background teaching teenagers prepared me for keeping audiences engaged in a scene. I pride myself in my ability to connect with a character and move a scene forward in a way that is engaging and genuine. I have an arsenal of voices for males and females of varying ages. I speak with a general American accent and feel comfortable doing American Southern and British accents. Additionally, my children are bilingual in Spanish and where I am not entirely fluent, I am comfortable with conversational Spanish scenes.

I have recently constructed a custom booth in my home. It is a double wall free-standing space, measuring about 3.5x4.5 feet. The walls are made with sheet rock and stabilized using rubber feet. The same treatment was done with the floor and the ceiling. There is a layer of 2 inch Auralex foam on the walls and ceiling. Additionally, the floor was sealed with a green coating material to prevent flexing and vibrations. Currently, the door to the booth is a moving blanket; however, I am in the process of having an actual door made with similar construction as the booth. I keep my computer outside of the studio and have it wired into a Scarlett Solo Focusrite interface. I use a Rode NT1-A microphone on a shock mount with a pop filter. All of my audio files are recorded into Presonus Studio One then exported as a wave to Izotope RX-7 for editing. I have taken courses to record, edit, and master to audiobook industry standards in both these programs.