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Kasey M.



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Sassy heroines. Suave heroes. Sinister villains. Slimy Creatures. I love voicing them all! I specialize in children's books, from picture books to young adult in all genres including nonfiction. Except Horror. I don't read horror. I have nightmares. I also love narrating clean adult romance and romantic comedy, fantasy and science fiction, LITRPG, cosy mysteries, gameLit, christian fiction, and nonfiction in the tech, Christian, travel, history and writing genres.

Audiobooks are what got me into voice acting. Before becoming an audiobook narrator, I was an elementary school librarian and I loved reading aloud to my students. One night, I was reading a bedtime story to my son, who has dyslexic dysgraphia and autism, and he stopped me and said, "Mom, you should read stories for other kids like me too!" So I took classes, got a coach, and the rest is history.

Every book I narrate is one more that people like my son, or people who are blind or have other learning or reading disabilities, can enjoy. Thank you to all the authors, narrators, producers and publishing companies that help contribute to the amount of books available to my son and others like him!


Cozy LitRPG_3rd POV_M F Dialogue Adults and Kids
00:00 / 30:56:52
Cozy Mystery_3rd POV_F F Dialogue
00:00 / 48:07:50
Nonfiction Conversational
00:00 / 46:24:18
00:00 / 34:01:28
YA Fantasy 1st POV Dialogue
00:00 / 35:55:06
Middle Grade Fantasy 3rd POV M F Dialogue Kids
00:00 / 38:41:46
Picture Book_3rd POV_F M F Dialogue
00:00 / 41:11:43
YA Fantasy 3rd POV M F Dialogue
00:00 / 39:23:13

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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