Michael Bower


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Good Afternoon E-Audio Productions!

My name is Michael Bower and I am writing to see if you might be interested in someone with my background and experience as a narrator for your upcoming audiobook projects.

I have recently completed narrating my 42nd audiobook for various production companies including Audible/ACX. I was recently selected as the voice of Escaya Homes, and have been working with Bravo Media in NYC as the voice for KPMG video productions (in-house and client based) as well as their COVID based podcast productions.

In the last few months:

- I had a blast playing Ebenezer Scrooge in "Charles Dickens Complete Christmas Collection"

- I just finished a action packed and incredibly funny zombie series called "Suburban Zombie High"

- I worked with an audiobook production company in Denmark to do a series of Sam Christer Books

- And I also completed 2 more books in a post-apocalyptic series called "The No Where Apocalypse"

Please find samples of some of my audiobooks here (the Audible search function leaves a lot to be desired when searching by narrator names):


You will find a list of my audiobook productions - not including productions in production - listed below. And please find additional voice over demos at my website:


And here is the link for some of my audiobook samples on YouTube:


I have a home studio where all of my audiobook productions have come from. I have a Neumann TLM 102 running through a Focusrite iTrack and into my iMac using Audacity to produce my audiobooks.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to work with you soon.


Michael Bower
15709 Fisher Island Drive
Austin. TX 78717