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Michael F. W

Michael F. W


American, Canadian, British, Australian

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Michael is an experienced performer, having been involved in many different entertainment fields for the last 25 years. Michael has been seen on stage, film, television, and even live broadcast and public address settings. Over the last year he has broken into the world of voice over and audiobook narration, completing more than 30 books in 12 months. An up and coming voice talent with a home studio in Greater Boston, Michael is adept at handling complex non-fiction content given his professional experience in the medical, healthcare, and financial services fields. He holds a Master of Instructional Design, a BA in Communications and Media, as well as a MS of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Michael is also no stranger to fiction, having previously won awards for voice work in theatre and capable of delivering a wide range of accents and is always open for a challenge.


Childrens Book / Characters
00:00 / 44:46:15
Comedic Business / British Accent
00:00 / 38:16:09
Childrens Book / Characters
00:00 / 44:46:15
Unspoken Bonds
00:00 / 34:37:10
Living Your Leadership
00:00 / 34:24:09
Don't Play Fair
00:00 / 34:14:31

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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