Sonia Gabriella Milan Patton


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Good day.
My name is Sonia Gabrella Milan Patton and I am from Italy though I have been spending more than half of my life talking English being married to an American Citizen from LA.
I am a narrator, an actress, voice talent, voice over, dubbing, writer and singer and I have my own Home Recording Studio with amazing stuff as Neumann TLM 103, Logic Pro on MacBook Pro, Edirol FX 101, Audacity.

I have been working with my voice since I was very young and I have realized so far many productions both in audio and video creations.
I live in Milan, Italy with my husband Greg Patton.

I am attaching here the links of my video books:

Italian Versions:

Below you can download the mp3 samples.
I can read Italian (native language), English and French.

I am hoping to have a chance to become part of your narrators. I worked hard on my achievements and I am sure I can be a great addition to your group.
The quality of my recordings, as you can check, are above the standard: no noise at all and since I am an actress I am able to interpret and give life to different characters.
Thank you for taking time to listen to my renditions.

This is the list of the audiobooks I made:
6 audiobooks for the site under construction IL CIELO DI GERUSALEMME. Excerpts of Hebrew writers' books translated by Luca Colombo
Voice over for Meditation training
Voice over for ZappMedia qtn
Voice talent (dubbing) for the movie "L'EQUILIBRISTA CON LA STELLA" It will be released in 2021
Voice over for different private script (as in the video attached by links)

If you need any other details I will be glad to give you anything you need to choose my voice! I do really mean it!

Kind regards