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Stephen A. B


American, Canadian

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Warm, Involved, Confident Narration
A lover of reading, and performing that read from a very young age. Being technically oriented science fiction was the preferred form, but being a hobby automobile enthusiast and computer programmer analyst he found another love, writing technical documents.
It was while convalescing at home he decided to put his love of storytelling to work as a narrator of audio books, and of course it followed the above path, short stories, fiction, science fiction, and non-fiction. Non-fiction was intriguing because so many think that it requires little skill as a story-teller, and so training was begun under Sean Pratt to hone his ability in that genre.


History of Japan
00:00 / 32:32:13
Crime noir, a hitman on vacation.
00:00 / 34:24:06
Sci-Fi. An Encounter at the Dome Diner on Ribbonworld
00:00 / 12:21:00
Fantasy/Thriller/Comedy. An excerpt from Some Sailors Never Die.
00:00 / 21:18:41

*Awards & Accomplishments*

Completed Sean Pratt's course in non-fiction narration.
Produced a multi-cast business audio book (Chief Of Anything).


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