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Sylvia C

Sylvia C


American, Canadian

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Sylvia began narrating audiobooks after working for many years as a High School Dramatic Arts teacher. Her theater training and experience created a natural transition to audiobook narration and Sylvia has found a new passion for voice acting!

Sylvia imbues each performance with strong characters and distinct voices. Her grounded and empathetic approach to narration makes her suitable for diverse genres, including mystery, suspense, contemporary fiction, science fiction, romance, and non-fiction. Sylvia has a professionally equipped home studio where she makes words and worlds come to life.

Sylvia grew up speaking and reading in both English and Portuguese and her immersion in two distinct cultures instilled an early passion for travel, language, and the power of the spoken word. Although a native English speaker, Sylvia is also fluent in Portuguese (Iberian), and speaks some French. Accents include General British, French, New York, General Southern, General American, and General Canadian.

When Sylvia is not narrating or listening to an audiobook, she might be found baking decadent and complicated cakes (to varying degrees of success), directing a play, dripping sweat onto her mat at her favourite hot yoga class, or on family adventures with her (very patient and supportive) husband and two pre-teen boys.


Historical Fiction, M-F Dialogue
00:00 / 55:50:12
Science Fiction
00:00 / 57:12:38
Contemporary Fiction, M-F Dialogue
00:00 / 68:09:29
00:00 / 39:25:08
Romantic Comedy, M-F Dialogue
00:00 / 39:25:08
Contemporary Fiction
00:00 / 68:09:29
Political Essay
00:00 / 71:18:51

*Awards & Accomplishments*

- Multiple 5***** performance reviews on Audible


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