Narrator Roster Info Sheet Agreement for Audiobooks


How We Work:


Production: "everyone focuses on what they do best". Narrators focus on recording a great narration and our audio producers do all the rest (editing, post, mixing/mastering) here in our studio. So if you are selected by a client to perform the reading for an audiobook production, you will receive the script from us and record the script exactly as given. No editing is required. Leave mistakes in and just focus on a great performance. Then you send us the raw unedited recording and we will do the rest. Editing for us means DETAILED editing and goes beyond just removal of mistakes and repetitions. It also includes removing any noise, mouth clicks, loud breaths, coughs and more, making it all sounding nice and smooth with absolutely nothing else in the audio except the voice and we move to the mixing mastering stage.


How it works with clients: The price of a production with each narrator is listed in our website along with 2 audio samples so clients can listen to. We aim to give authors with various budgets to be able produce a high quality audiobook. So the PFH  for the production of an audiobook varies with each narrator depending on the narrator’s price. Clients listen to samples and select the narrator to perform the reading.

If clients request a sample of their book with your voice you will record a 3 to 5 minute sample. Samples are FREE to our clients. If you are selected for a production the author contacts us and we sign a Narrator contract for each audiobook separately and start production.


Pricing: Audiobook Production is charged Per Finished Hour Of Audio. That is how we are paid and also how narrators are paid. Except talent budget also plays a role on the author’s choice of narrator and production. We aim to give authors with various budgets to be able produce a high quality audiobook. So the PFH  for the production of an audiobook varies with each narrator depending on the narrator’s price. You give us your rate PFH for delivering raw unedited and unprocessed files. We add 75 USD PFH on that for our work. As from May 1st 2018 narrators rates have a cap of 140 USD  for delivering raw unedited recordings Here is a breakdown example:

Let's say your rate is for example 120 USD PFH. Then the price for a production with your voice will be 120 USD + 95 USD = 195 USD PFH. That is what the client will pay. So if a book ends up being 3 hours final then the client will pay 195 x 3 = 645 USD. Your total payment is 120 x 3 = 360 USD. and our share is 285 USD

If a narrator also has proven editing skills there might be times when basic editing might be needed to be done by the narrator - (removal of mistakes, fix pacing and loud breaths ONLY no noise reduction etc or mixing/mastering as they will be done here by us). If narrator is available and agrees to. . In this case narrator receives an extra 40% of our share (deducted from our share)


You are free to give us the price you want but it would be wise to think of the market today as there are potential clients with small, medium and bigger budgets. Also there is much competition out there with narrators and so many voice actors looking for work. So out there lately you find narrators with rates from even 60 or 70 USD PFH from new talented yet inexperienced voice actors that want to gain experience and build portfolio to even over 400 USD for popular successful and experienced people with large portfolios and famous projects. So lately there is no more average rates.

Revisions: You agree to unlimited revisions until the client is happy with the recording. Until now we have never had a revision request but you are expected to deliver the recording as the script is. The narrator's job is to record what the script says. Sending us uncompleted or wrong audio is like "not getting the job done correctly" If you make any mistake in the script you will be asked to and have to redo that part.


AudioBook Credits: Narrator’sr name will be credited at the end titles of the audiobook as Narrator. In online platforms e-AudioProductions will be stated under Narrator referring to the production company. As the clients contact us for the production as an audio production service and we take care of the production as a production company and all responsibility is on us. If the clients are not happy it will be our name they won't be happy with. We are the ones who also take care of expenses and time for marketing and everything else.


Payments: We get as much information as possible from our clients of course including Word Count. If we know the word count then we know the approximate length. (1 hour is about 9400 words) So, we calculate the approximate length and ask for a 50% deposit from the client and then the rest upon delivery when we know the final length. So you get paid just like us 50% prior to starting and then the rest upon delivery. When we receive the 50% deposit from the client we pay you your share immediately so you start working and then when we receive the rest of the payment we pay you again immediately.


Turnaround and response: We like to reply fast to our clients requests and they like it.  So you are expected to reply within 24 hours to any request from us. Turnaround time for projects shall be estimated separately for each audiobook production but never exceed 21 days.  


Your rates changes: If you feel you want to change your rates you can change them as follows:

Lower your price: any time with a request via email. Raise your price: Once every 6 months with a 30 day notice. For example this means that if you want to raise your rate it will be changed 30 days after we receive your request via email. If you request it today 13 Oct it will be changed on the 13 November. This is because there are clients that go on to our website say now and they will see your price. Then they go back a week after and suddenly see you are priced more. That is not good. So when you request a raise of rate we will state the price change date next to your now price in our website. Also we might get a request with your voice say today and the client sees your pricing and expects that. Then we contact you and you suddenly ask for more. That cannot happen.


All the best,