Audio Editing Services

Get it done professionally 


  Audio Editing - "Put it all together"


  • Remove ahhs, uuhms stuttering, and general mistakes 

  • Remove/Reduce loud breaths, lip smacks, mouth sounds

  • Remove words, sentences or entire sections and/or cut/copy/paste 

  • Remove silence or gaps and give a smoother flow 

  • Change the timing or speed of words, phrases or entire section

  • Basic background clean up by reducing noise and hiss



  Audio Enhancement - "Better listening experience"​​
  • Applying EQ for clarity and help elements natural fundamentals stand out

  • Applying Compression to even out dynamics and levels

  • Make the nice elements of your recording sound even better

  • Enhance the sound of your audio file increasing the overall clarity and volume level

  • Master sound to meet industry standards

  Audio Clean Up - "Clean it up"
  • Eliminate or reduce plosives (popped P's), sibilance (distorted "S" in words)

  • Eliminate/Reduce background noise, rumble and hiss

  • Eliminate/Reduce backing room reverb sound of recordings in untreated rooms

  • Remove/Reduce pops and clicks in the recording

  • Remove/Reduce any other unwanted sounds

  Mixing & Production - "Make it professional"
  • Add sound and audio effects such as reverbs, delays e.t.c in specific parts to give the illusion of space/enviroment to keep the focus fo the listener.

  • Mixing in backing music

  • Creating or adding intros, outros to podcasts, audio books, voice overs e.t.c

  • Coomposing or adding music to web ads, youtube videos, presentations e.t.c



*Removal of stuttering, ahhhs and uhmms, *pacing fix, *noise reduction, *audio cleanup and enhancing, *leveling

Sample 2 - Podcast Editing
Sample 1 - Podcast Editing


Noise, humm, breath reduction, rumble and vehicle passing removal, enhancement.

Amateur Narration Cleanup -
Amateur Narration Edit -
Podcast De-Click, CleanUp -


Digital clicks removal, edit, cleanup, enhancement


Breath Reduction Lip/Mouth sounds removal, Click removal, Noise reduction,  Enhancment

Audiobook - Detail Edit
Amateur AudioBook Cleanup -
Amateur AudioBook Breath -

Audio Editing/Post Production is a standard process for all professional sounding audio. It is the stage where the audio becomes professional. It totally natural to have recorded elements that are unpleasant and unwanted as they sound unpleasant and will distract the listeners and leave you with poor quality audio. Your listeners do not want to hear unwanted elements like noise, breaths, sounds, long gaps e.t.c We can make your recording sound its best.


The process of audio editing and production involves modifying and removing those elements from the recording, and bringing it to the highest level of quality it can be while preserving the most intricate details of your voice, sound or music.

We deliver the finest quality audio edits and we guarantee that the completed track will sound better than it was. All in the most affordable rates.

We will improve your recordings and make them sound better. However as all sound engineers say, "the best quality in, the best quality out" so the final sound will always depend on the quality of your raw file. Click here for easy professional tips on how to record better audio