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Submitted On

Apr 3, 2024

Updated On

Apr 11, 2024

The World Within


Donielle Ingersoll



Word Count:








Standard American

Voice tone:



Positive and dramitic


Chad, a teenage genius who does not seem to fit in with anyone at High School was walking along the ocean one day when the tide was out. He saw seven rocks arranged in a circle out in the water. In there middle there was some object that shone brightly. He dove in and found it was an ancient cylinder object with strange markings on it. Upon exiting several Jelly Fish were guarding all the passageways. He climbed over one of the rocks. When he looked through it a waterspout went up into the sky. Then he focused it on a pile of driftwood someone had arranged to form a hut. A small translucent looking being was there. He had a human form but was not human. He beaconed Chad to follow. Eventually they entered a room underground. Then the little being who went by the name of Rex told him about a coming war with the sea and land dwellers. Chad is commissioned to appear before the council of 7 to see if a solution could be found to stop this invasion before it got started. He comes up with a type of vaccination that can be given to the land dwellers to make them not be able to breed with the sea dwellers. This would stop the looming war. He is successful. One of their top athletes takes the vaccination and goes into a state of metamorphosis but they think she is dead so gather for her funeral. She awakens and has been transformed into fairy with golden wings. She gives Chad a vial of lavender liquid. Back at school Chad wows all the kids by using the circular tube to form a bubble around himself. He suddenly goes from being an outcast to one of the most popular kids in school. When the bubble pops he finds himself in the dominion of the sea dwellers. They have labs and are trying to merge the land dwellers with themselves through genetic manipulation. He releases the vial of liquid from the fairy where several waterspouts have formed and the great war is averted.


The reader can change his voice when different characters are talking. Rex is very small so would have a small voice. Maybe while underground the characters when talking among themselves or to Chad could have a slight echo sound to sound underground. When Chad is at Chemistry class though the echo would be gone from his and his teachers voice.

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