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Audiobook Trailers 

Proudly Produced By e-Audio Productions 

Why a trailer?

You have produced a great audiobook. An audiobook trailer is a great way to start letting the world know about it.

Marketing statistics show that 80% of internet users like to watch videos online and that potential audience are 64% more likely to purchase an audiobook if they see and advertisment for it.

A well produced video trailer will help promote your audiobook by creating awareness and impressing your audience.

Professional Voice Actors

Backing Music 

Visuals with stock footage


Freezing Reign - By L.A Goff
Healing Leadhership Trailer F
It's A Wonderful Time
Wome Of Fire And Snow
Rodeo Queen Trailer
The Bitcoin Heir Next Door - Audiobook Trailer
Maestro Orpheus & The World Clock Audiobook Trailer
Repairing Our Divided Nation - Audiobook Trailer
I Love Mondays Audiobook Trailer
The Complete Man - By Purdeep Sangha. Audiobook Trailer
The Invisible Architect - Audiobook Trailer
The Dreadfull Call Audiobook
Judith's Prophecy Audiobook Trailer
I'm Too Old For This Sh*t Audiobook Trailer
Of Demon Kind Audiobook trailer
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