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Audiobook Trailers 

Proudly Produced By e-Audio Productions 

Why a trailer?

You have produced a great audiobook. An audiobook trailer is a great way to start letting the world know about it.

Marketing statistics show that 80% of internet users like to watch videos online and that potential audience are 64% more likely to purchase an audiobook if they see and advertisment for it.

A well produced video trailer will help promote your audiobook by creating awareness and impressing your audience.

Professional Voice Actors

Backing Music 

Visuals with stock footage


Black On Madison Avenue Trailer Final
Freezing Reign - By L.A Goff
Healing Leadhership Trailer F
It's A Wonderful Time
Wome Of Fire And Snow
Rodeo Queen Trailer
The Bitcoin Heir Next Door - Audiobook Trailer
Maestro Orpheus & The World Clock Audiobook Trailer
Repairing Our Divided Nation - Audiobook Trailer
I Love Mondays Audiobook Trailer
The Complete Man - By Purdeep Sangha. Audiobook Trailer
The Invisible Architect - Audiobook Trailer
The Dreadfull Call Audiobook
Judith's Prophecy Audiobook Trailer
I'm Too Old For This Sh*t Audiobook Trailer
Of Demon Kind Audiobook trailer
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