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What People Say About e-Audio Productions

Doug Stebleton

Author of It's A Wonderful Time


I worked with E Audio Productions on my time travel book It's a Wonderful Time. I am so happy with the work they did for me. I have worked in Hollywood in the Entertainment industry for 34 years and have worked with some of the best people in the business. Working with Elias was a dream. He is very talented and communicates well. The quality of The audio book he produced for me is TOP NOTCH. He made the whole process very easy from casting to post production to helping me distribute the audio book to the many platforms out there. He is a excellent producer, editor and mixer. The cost of the audio book was also very reasonable.

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Wendy L Anderson

Author of "Of Demon Kind"

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I contacted e-Audio Productions about producing my fantasy novel, Of Demon Kind, on audiobook. The process was very smooth and easy and the audiobook turned out fantastic. I liked that I had a variety of narrators to choose from and they were patient and great to work with. Post production support has been fantastic. They created a fabulous trailer for the audiobook and have promoted my book on different sites. They also helped me set up sales and have been great to work with. I most appreciate how responsive they are. Answers to my questions have been immediate, polite, thorough and helpful. I can't say enough about e-Audio Productions and look forward to making more audiobooks in the future. Highly recommend.

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David Grantham

Author of Consequences: An Intelligence Officers War


Affordable. Responsive. Great product.

The product was expertly done, the team was always provided step-by-step direction, and the final book came together seamlessly. I would highly recommend e-Audio productions.

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Madelin Zech Ruiz

Author of I married a urologist who fixes women too


First Class Operation - I was lucky enough to find e-Audio Productions to help me create my audiobook in 8 languages. The team at e-Audio Productions were total professionals  Their sound engineering skills in the audio book industry is head and shoulders above the rest.


Purdeep Sangha

Author of The Complete Man


LIsten to what Purdeep says:

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G. A Kowatch

Author of Enchanted Everglades


e-Audio Productions are ethical, reliable, and kind people. They care that what they give you is the best possible. They were a joy to work with! I hired e-Audio Productions to correct all the errors from another popular audiobook company who claims to do quality work but didn't.


Quentin Schappa

Healthcare Specialist / Podcast 


e-audioproductions are incredible. I had a vision of what I wanted in my podcast intro and outro, and they made it come to life, and then some! They are very professional and easy to work with. If you have an audio project that needs an excellent touch, reach out to them!


Drew Carnegie

Author of The Gospel Of Wealth - Present Day Edition


I came by e-audioproductions through a quick web search sent a message of inquiry, and received a quick in depth informative easy to understand and helpful response from Elias.
He comes off right away as very trustworthy.
He comes off right away as getting to the points that you need and helping you to understand everything within just a few minutes.,,, 

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Kathy Beckwith

Author of A Mighty Case Against War


LIsten to what Kathy says:


Nathan Smith Jones

Author of Dragonkyn


LIsten to what Nathan says:


Jessica Sheppherd

Author of A Love Alchemist's Notebook


I've worked with e-Audio on several projects over the past years (!!), including a full audiobook and audio meditations. Extremely professional, responsive, and always helpful in providing me with up-to-date tech recommendations and recording tips I've needed to produce the best product possible. I have been extremely happy with the results, and will continue to work with e-audio in the future.


Samantha Ryan Chandler

Author of A Love Story: How God Persued Me & Found Me


Samantha Ryan Chandler

I used Audio Productions for my book to audio format. I can recommend the team and Elias for the very professional and easy to use process. Even when I had difficult times to understand, Elias was there to help in a moments notice.

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