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Premium Audio Post Production Studio

 We hold ourselves to the highest standards of production quality and service.


Specialized in Full Service Audiobook Creation, Voice Overs Of Any Kind, Podcast Production And Audio for Videos & Media. 

Whatever the vision you have in mind, we’re committed to bringing it to life with a roster of world class voice actors, studio composers and producers, superior studio quality and excellent service.

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Meet The Team

Although our team consists of 150 world class voice actors and many studio professionals, the core of our company is driven by our leading team of seasoned industry professionals.


Fay Othitis

Director Of Operations

e-Audio Productions exists because of Fay. Fay oversees all the daily business activities and is responsible for the flawless operation and growth of our company. 


Elias Othitis

Executive Producer

  Elias is a highly trained and skilled audio producer, composer / musician and enjoys working with talented voice actors and other  musicians. Elias is the first and final word when it comes to quality check and production process.


Lenny Tyrer

Audio Producer / Composer

Lenny has always loved music and has been a guitar player, singer, composer and audio producer for over a decade. He is the number one hands on audio editor.  

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Publishing Director

Gloria takes care of publishing of e-Audio Productions projects. She overseas the operations of our Audiobook Publishing Service and makes sure audiobooks reach retailer sites and podcasts reach hosting platforms.