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The World's Best Audiobook Producer

Our mission is to bring your stories to life through the power of audio.

e-Audio Productions isn't some huge faceless corporation, but a team of professionals that love what we do, and is personally committed to seeing your dreams come to fruition.

We are different in many ways but most importantly because we build a personal relationship with every one of our valuable customers.


We strive to provide audiobooks that are of the highest production quality and professionalism. With our experienced team of sound engineers, narrators and media creators, you can rest assured that the final product we deliver is of excellent quality.


We also pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, offering help and assistance at every step of the process.


e-Audio Productions was created to serve the audiobook industry with high quality audiobooks for rights holders to be proud of, and audiences to enjoy.

As a full service producer we can handle any stage of the audiobook production from manuscript to a fully produced and published audiobook.

Since 2018 e-Audio Productions has produced thousands of high quality sounding audiobooks for authors and publishers around the world.

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