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Your Trusted Partner 

Audiobook Production & Distribution Services For Book Publishers

We are proud to be the "go to" producer for book publishers from around the world who trust us for our excellent service and pristine quality audiobook productions for their catalogs. 

Flexible Partnership Options

Our most commonly used partnerships are the White Labeling and Referral options. However, we understand the fast evolution and growth in the audiobook industry and all the new platforms and services arise. This is why we are flexible and our goal is to serve any audiobook production needs. If your firm has any Partnership type that will work better for you, we will be glad to disucss.

ACX Ready Audiobooks

We deliver complete audiobooks meeting and exceeding the ACX requirements, ready to be published on Amazon/Audible and all retailer and library sites.

Highest Quality Productions

Why e-Audio Productions produces the highest quality audiobooks.


At e-Audio Productions everyone focuses on what they do best.

Narrators focus on recording a great performance. We work with over 500 professional narrators. This ensures we have the voice to perform any type of audiobook.


Post Production, Editing Mixing & Mastering is carefully done in-house by our own dedicated studio producers. This ensures our audiobooks meet the quality we pride ourselves for. This includes going through the audiobook word by word to perform Breath Control, Removal of lip/mouth sounds, applying a careful mix to achieve a warm and balanced sound for listeners to enjoy.

Your "In-house" Production & Distribution "Department" 

We can take on all stages from Casting & Production to Distribution to over 40 online retailers and libraries including Amazon/Audible,, Scribd and more, through major distributors. We can act as your your “in-house” audiobook production and distribution department. Your sales department will maintain all contact with your authors and we will respond to you. 

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