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Submitted On

Feb 25, 2024

Updated On

Apr 2, 2024

Time Locker


Donielle Ingersoll



Word Count:







South American

Voice tone:





This is a story about a boy who was constantly bullied at school. A time traveler reading a future article in the newspaper about him saw that the bullies killed him so using the time anomalies present in the area, intervened and sent him back in time some 40 years. He saw his mother when she was a girl of 10. How it happened was Joshua locked himself in his locker to get away from the bullies, when he came out, the time shift had occurred. He was propelled back in time. He took up residence in a barn but felt an urge to leave early in the morning. Back at the high school he saw the one who had intervened to save his life disappear into a time shaft. He followed and was back where he had started from. He had lost one day. When he went into his locker he was the smallest kid in high school. When he got back, he had grown some 7 inches. He contacts Mr. Fiddles, the time traveler who engineered the event, and sees that he would have died had he not been sent back in time. On a monitor he watches himself confront the bullies. The worst one is so scared of him he pees his pants. The others march around as though he is the new boss. At the end of the book there is a section that shows how bullied kids can get help, what to do, etc. There is even a bully hotline to call.


It would be nice to have a change in voice when the different characters speak so they each have a distinct sound of their own. A lady would sound like a lady and an older man like an older man. A bully would sound haughty and tough. A skinny little kid timid voice. But his voice though the same would be deeper and louder once he went through the transformation of this time travel adventure.

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