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I'm Too Old For This Sh*t

Are you tired? Tired of the daily rat-race of juggling a corporate job (which let’s be honest you don’t really enjoy) whilst running a household and trying to spend time with your family, let alone having any time to yourself?

Are you fed up that the higher you try to climb the corporate ladder, the harder it gets, the more politics you encounter and the rewards seem even further away? Are you tired of feeling you are taking one step forward and three steps back with your finances, freedom and life?

Have you tried network marketing in the past and failed? You made lists, you contacted everyone you knew and yet your result was a big, fat ZERO?

Or perhaps you have never heard of network marketing and if you have, you have a poor opinion of it.

Victoria has been there and done that! Climbing the corporate ladder for years only to be dumped on the scrap heap made her search for an answer to the niggling thought inside her head that ‘there has to be more to life than this’. Her search led her on a personal journey of discovery which resulted in overcoming beliefs which were limiting her success, to now earning multiple income streams.

The focus of this audiobook is on network marketing, dispelling the myths and rumors which surround this industry and showing how with the right mindset, you too can achieve success.

An Audiobook produced by e-Audio Productions and published by Audiobook Release

I'm Too Old For This Sh*t

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