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By Drew Carnegie
Narrated by Adriel Brandt, Steve Newman, Barbara Rich

Duration: 9 hrs, 30 min

The Story

Andrew Carnegie comes back down from 'the heavens' for just one night, in order to deliver one of the Lost Keys to mankind which appears to be currently necessary for the actual achievement of 'true' World Peace.

This story is a continuation of his prior life's work dating back to the late 1800's to help mankind to make our Earth into a heaven.

This is written in a type of fictional format which can be most easily understood and absorbed by the audience.

This is an inspired work which came into the hands of a 'silent' record keeper, A person likely chosen to publish this message due to possessing a unique set of circumstances; much of which will remain unknown to the entire world. (deemed nonessential records)

This is not a 'channeled' fictional novel. It is 'inspired' due to likely alignment of vision, energy, experience, expenditures and purpose. (And a love for all people)

It is not the intent of the author to harm any entity whatsoever upon this Earth due to publication, with no exceptions or reservations

This Story was written for Entertainment.

It was written as an example of Nature Minded Thinking.

This Audiobook is dedicated to THE GREAT SPIRIT of and within the Body of Humankind on this Earth.

Please note the author has no prior, in-depth knowledge of religious or indigenous peoples prophecies. This is not meant as a religious text, this is not meant as inflammatory material. The original title of this audiobook was 'messages from nature'

The short story you will hear later explaining how this book came about and was created is very true. This has been documented

all the way and time stamped, in various ways throughout the process.

*** 'Mystery' man on right side of front cover , sitting beside Andrew Carnegie is Orville Wright...

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