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Alan I

Alan I



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Originally from the South-East of England, Alan has been delivering professional voiceover & audiobook narration services to a multitude of clients since 2012. Some of his most notable customers include Kia, Twitter, Huawei, Harper Collins and Penguin Randomhouse. Described as having a “natural warmth and uniqueness” to his voice, one of the things he loves about what he does is having the freedom and creativity to work with clients in order to interpret their requirements and express their visions. Alan also has a passion for music and during any precious spare time, and when not in his vocal booth, he can be found in his home studio, writing and recording with his collection of guitars.
Walking, cooking and “appreciating” fine wines are also what makes Alan tick!
Now settled within the rolling hills of Rossendale in Lancashire, England, he lives with his partner Cathy, daughter Hannah, dog Willow his three cats Mollie, Saffron & Pepper.


Thriller_3rd Person_Tense Narrative
00:00 / 33:22:17
Sci-Fi Comedy_Multiple Character & Narration
00:00 / 33:28:48
Rom Com_1st Person_Male & Female Dialogue
00:00 / 36:22:31
Self Help_1st Person_Calm Narrative
00:00 / 30:50:20
Relaxing Meditation_3rd Person_Calm Narration
00:00 / 26:04:44

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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