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Cathi C



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Cathi is an audiobook narrator, but she is also so much more. Coach, Equestrian, Yogi, Drummer, Podcaster and former spy in the U.S. Military (it’s true!). She brings those experiences to every book she narrates.

Cathi’s voice is gritty, seasoned, flexible ,warm, and authentic, so she can create believable male characters in addition to her female and child characters. Cathi has studied with Jeff Kafer, Robin Miles, and Joel Froomkin and has nearly 60 audiobooks under her belt in Mystery/Suspense, Fiction, Police Crime Drama, Horror, Self-Help and Education.


3rd_Person_Sci-Fi_Male/Female Dialogue_Southern_Accent
00:00 / 66:44:13
3rd_Person_Police_Crime_Drama_Male/Female Dialogue_NY_Accent
00:00 / 50:00:06
3rd_Person_Horror_Male/Female Dialogue_Southern_Accent
00:00 / 12:44:19
00:00 / 43:42:15
1st_ Person_Fiction_Man/Woman Dialogue
00:00 / 68:45:49
1st_ Person_Fiction_Man/Woman Dialogue_German_Accent
00:00 / 26:33:39
Evil Whispers: Horror
00:00 / 77:40:18
Freeze Before Burning; A Sam Tate Mystery Series: New York Accent
00:00 / 50:00:06
They Came From Up: Southern Accent
00:00 / 66:44:13
The Messages: Memoir
00:00 / 22:19:28
The Old Maid: Literary Fiction
00:00 / 30:16:05
The Velveteen Rabbit; Literary Fiction; Children's
00:00 / 22:30:43

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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