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Deanna Anthony

Deanna Anthony


American, Black American, South American

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Deanna Anthony is an Audie Finalist narrator located in Los Angeles. She is an award-winning actor and singer that is classically trained and currently performs jazz, R&B, pop, gospel and musical theatre. Deanna knows how to quilt and sew, almost minored in psychology (one of the reasons she really gets interested in people, and therefore characters) in college and enjoys eating home cooked meals and baked treats while reading romance, cozy mystery, memoirs, and self-help books for fun. She has also continued to be a performing arts educator off and on since the 1990s.
Even though Deanna is a former beauty queen that started working in Entertainment as a teen model and session singer, has done live theatre and concert touring performances in more than 50 regional and international theaters with such well known folks as Gladys Knight, Gary US Bonds, Rita Coolidge, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Deena Martin, Patrick Cassidy and Adam Pascal, and has been on set with the likes of Kim Fields and Debbie Allen, she still truly enjoys a well-choreographed and executed stunt fight scene, well performed comedy, and a tear jerker, too.
If there is a romantic comedy with a strong female lead with a secret soft side that has a smooth and sarcastic delivery, plus knows how to get herself out of trouble with martial arts mastery...I call that Nirvana! Throw in a mystery to solve and that is next level!

American - Georgian, Texan, West Coast, Midwest, New York, Southern; African - Kenyan, Nigerian, Sudanese


Nonfiction Self Help Narration
00:00 / 43:03:36
Young Adult 1stPOV MF Dialogue
00:00 / 44:27:11
Cozy Mystery 1st POV MF Dialogue
00:00 / 53:20:35
Nonfiction Memoir Narration
00:00 / 56:57:00
Romance 3rdPOV MF Dialogue Southern Accent
00:00 / 52:47:11
Horror 1stPOV Narration
00:00 / 29:42:27
Nonfiction Politics and Social Sciences Narration
00:00 / 30:33:59
Mystery Thriller 1stPOV MF Dialogue NYC accent
00:00 / 79:47:53

*Awards & Accomplishments*

Audie Finalist, Best Black Narrator Nominee


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