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Ellen V

Ellen V


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Retired healthcare consultant, leveraging knowledge of medical/technical/educational fields & professional presentations to deliver credible non-fiction, political, corporate, and e-learning VO genre's. Member of WOVO, with extensive multi-genre training, including Improv, with The Voice Actor's Studio, Las Vegas, (Jack DeGolia, Melissa Moats, Shelley Avellino & Dustin Ebaugh) as well as J.M.Collins, GVAA, GFTB, Lisa Biggs, Mick Wingert, Melissa Disney, Carol Monda & Anne Ganguzza. Completed Acting Workshop with The Barrow Group, NYC.

Studio equipment: Sennheiser MK4 and 416 microphones; SSL2+ dual channel interface; Highspeed 1Gb Ethernet; Apple Mac; SourceConnect I.D.: EllenRichardsVO; TwistedWave & Izotope RX8 Standard.

Experience: Multiple corporate/educational explainer videos, documentary, political radio & web spots.
Samples include of raw #1 documentary genre, & raw #2 nonfiction audiobook genre. Instead of ACX Ready Audiobook files, I've included fully mastered College of Science explainer and fully mastered Nevada Ballet gala event file. Previous finished VO work include fully mastered corporate and medical demo mixes.

The rate PFH entered on this application is for raw, punch & roll audiobook recordings, in accordance with the guidance shared in recent email ($150 PFH). Rate for publish-ready audiobook recordings =$270 PFH.
I look forward to working with your team, and please let me know if there are additional questions or needed details.

thank you for your consideration,

Ellen van Treuren Richards. M.S. CPHQ
Henderson, NV


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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