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Good morning Elias,

HAPPY 2024! I can't believe it's February already!! Eek! I hope your year has started out great.

I wanted to check in to get a comfy seat on your radar for any juicy books you might be casting in the coming weeks and months, which I might be a fabulous fit for. I have some slots coming up which I'd love to fill with some books from EAudio, as it would be wonderful to build a relationship with you throughout this year. So, please do keep me in mind for any books you have that might suit my "dulcet" British tones in the coming weeks. 🙂

For a little reminder / background about me... I'm a full-time Audie and Earphones winning Narrator who works regularly for S&S, PRH, Macmillan and Harper to name a few, having narrated over 320+ audiobooks (between myself and my pseudonym) for a wide variety of Producers, Indie Publishers and Publishing Houses.

Here's some links to recently released audiobooks on Audible, so you can get a quick idea of my tone:

Murder on the Mirrored Lake:
Before the Dawn:
A Soul for A Soul:

My studio is a converted closet, using an Audient ID4 MKii, Stellar X2 and TW.

Further information, including reels and info on my new Storytelling venture is below, if you have the time and inclination to read/listen!

Thanks so much for continuing to think of me for wonderful stories which I can bring to life. I truly do appreciate it.

Best wishes for a really wonderful 2024.

Further information:

Lately I've been doing a lot of Poetry and Memoirs; it's always an honour to do these and I'm always nibbling my fingernails after, hoping I've done the author's personal story justice. WWII fiction has had a big presence in my work in the last year too - just when I think I couldn't learn any more about WWII, there's another stupefying story. Oof. I've also been continuing on with the few crime series I narrate, and been delighting in some Sci Fi and Fantasy novels, leading to some juicy new reels in these categories: I've also uploaded some accent reels here: More to come.

I also wanted to share with you a Storytelling venture I started a little over two months ago... I've always loved Storytelling, and over the Holidays decided to start sharing stories on YouTube: To my great surprise people have actually been watching them and it's grown at a much faster pace than I could ever have imagined, especially given that it was really just something to keep me out of mischief and keep my young nephews entertained! I had just under 60,000 views in my first 28 days and my Subscribers are growing daily. Very surprising and wonderful indeed. I want to build it to have content for Children and Adults alike, and am already getting requests, so hopefully it'll grow to be a lovely, uplifting platform for all who venture there. If you have any tips or advice for a venture such as this, I'd very much welcome them.

Finally, I thought I'd share with you some Knowledge areas that may give you more insight for casting opportunities:

All areas that I also love to narrate in…

-I have studied extensively in many areas of spirituality and meditation from a young age. In particular Buddhism and Hinduism.

-I’ve studied psychology extensively, especially in the areas of self-development/self-help and in relation to plant medicine healing.

-I work with Shipibo and Ashaninka tribes in the Peruvian Amazon to understand their healing modalities, with specific knowledge of plant medicines, in particular Ayahuasca.

-I have worked in Addiction recovery and continue to offer my time to this.

-I have worked with Homeless Charities teaching people how to get back into the work force and how to retain employment.

-I worked in Corporate Finance in Investment Banking.

-I owned a Consulting company that took start-ups and set up their HR, Accounting and Operations. Then I would learn the company and pitch them to Venture Capital companies and then do all the due diligence to receive the funding.

-I travel the world whenever I can, either solo or with a group of strangers.

-I make ceramics on the wheel, or freehand sculptures.

-I studied classical music for most of my childhood, into my early adulthood - being a concert solo clarinetist and pianist.


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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