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I have 10 currently published audiobooks available on Audible. The two samples attached are auditions that I booked. Wild Moon Healing is completed and in ACX Q&A. Deus Ex Mechanic is in prep. They each represent work I love to do. Sci-fi, Self Help, Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Business, Memoir, Mystery, and Thriller are all genres I love to work in. Deus Ex Mechanic is a 7 book sci-fi series, think Firefly but with lesbians, in the prep stages. Wild Moon Healing is a terrific self-help book with a bunch of exercises and journaling prompts to help break unproductive thought habits and promote self-care with the cycles of the moon.

My equipment includes a Rode NT1-A microphone, Audient ID14 preamp, Adobe Audition DAW, Izotope RX 10, and Pozotron with RH approval. My RAW noise floor is below -60Db with total RMS about -25Db.

I have trained with Sean Pratt, The Great Audiobook Adventure, Leonardo Audio (with Seth Podowitz), and Narrator.Life (with Matthew Lloyd Davies). I am a New York City based SAG-AFTRA actor. Acting training from the Tom Todoroff Conservatory, Shakespeare training with Danny Davis (Broadway and The Nanny), voice and speech training with Patrick Mulryan (Harry Potter on Broadway speech coach), Alexander Technique with Belinda Mello, improv at Upright Citizens Brigade.

I'd love to have a conversation with you about working together on a project. How do you hold auditions for your audiobooks?

My email address is My phone number is 347-249-7527.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you about possible audiobook projects. Have a very happy holiday season!


Honey St. Dennis


3rd - Cozy Mystery - Southern Accent
00:00 / 50:51:24
3rd - Fantasy - English/Scottish Accents
00:00 / 42:57:33
1st - RomCom - Zany Characters
00:00 / 59:42:12
1st - Urban Fantasy - Southern Accent
00:00 / 45:54:29
3rd - Gamelit RPG - Creature Voices
00:00 / 33:24:09
Nonfiction - Self Help - Anxiety Relief for Teens
00:00 / 35:11:58
Nonfiction - Business - Tough Mentor
00:00 / 39:35:50

*Awards & Accomplishments*

Multiple 5***** Audible Preformance Reviews


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