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Honey St

Honey St


American, Canadian, British

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Honey is a Utah born, Brooklyn based, classically trained stage actor and SAG-AFTRA narrator. Also trained in improv at UCB, Honey loves to discover each moment in a story, find exciting emotional notes in characters, and surprising turns in the text to keep a story feeling as exciting and new as when the author first wrote it down.

She readily applies this range across all genres and has a special affinity for steamy romance, epic fantasy, strong heroines, out of this world space operas, LGBTQ+ inclusion, self-help, and business. 

Honey works diligently to meet deadlines and communicate as straightforward as possible.

Outside of the booth Honey can be caught sleeping on the floor with her elderly cat, sharing movie night with friends, and climbing mountains whenever she can get out of the city.


3rd - English/Scottish Accents - MFF
00:00 / 42:57:33
1st - Southern Accent - Tough but Vulnerable
00:00 / 45:54:29
1st - MF - RomCom
00:00 / 33:21:59
1st - German Accent - Fantasy Comedy
00:00 / 44:41:27
Nonfiction Self-Help - Empathetic Mentor
00:00 / 35:11:58
Nonfiction Business - Sassy Girl Boss
00:00 / 44:13:38

*Awards & Accomplishments*

Multiple 5**** Audible Performance Reviews


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