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Honey St. Dennis

Honey St. Dennis


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Honey is a NYC-based audiobook narrator, history major, fantasy nerd, and gamer. When not in the booth, she's looking up random facts or playing Magic the Gathering: Arena. As a performer, Honey draws from her background in theater and improv to lend depth and color to uplifting stories. Honey has a particular love for the rich worlds created in fantasy and sci-fi and for abundance and healing messages supported in business and self-help. She inevitably falls in love with every book she narrates as once those words come from her soul, she leaves a little piece of herself behind.

CAD E100-SX microphone (a Booth Junkie fav), Audient ID14 preamp, Shure Hi-Pass filter, Adobe Audition DAW, AKG K240 Studio Headphones


3rd - English/Scottish Accents - MFF
00:00 / 42:57:33
1st - Southern Accent - Tough but Vulnerable
00:00 / 45:54:29
1st - MF - RomCom
00:00 / 33:21:59
1st - German Accent - Fantasy Comedy
00:00 / 44:41:27
Nonfiction Self-Help - Empathetic Mentor
00:00 / 35:11:58
Nonfiction Business - Sassy Girl Boss
00:00 / 44:13:38

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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