Jason Keller


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Hi there!

My name's Jason Keller- I'm a Narrator, Storyteller, and classically trained actor- in fact, I just got my MFA from the Bristol Old Vic, where Jeremy Irons and Patrick Stewart Trained.

I recently got into audiobooks- I've only been doing it for about 5 months, but since starting I've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry- Audible (not ACX), HarperCollins, FastCompany Press, and others, averaging 2-3 books per month.

I record in my home isolation booth with a -60db noise floor, on a RODE NT1-A with H4N pre-amp, and process on Izotope RX8 Standard and Audacity.

Outside of audiobooks, I've done 30+ professional stage productions, the majority of them shakespeare, and love bringing those classical storytelling skills to bear to bring novels to life.

Thank you for listening to my samples, and I hope to speak to you soon!