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Nick Flesher was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He has lived in Oklahoma, Michigan, Texas, and Mexico. In Mexico he studied Spanish and worked in the Church as an apprentice Missionary. He briefly attended a Bible college in Texas before returning to Oklahoma where he attended community college. There he worked in the Theater as a technical director's assistant and was cast in a couple of plays. It was in the production of one of these plays that he met his wife, Amy. He later became a plumber for several years. While he was plumbing, he listened to many many audiobooks.

Nick has loved acting since childhood and has been involved in plays and musicals since middle school. He fell in love with audiobooks after a friend recommended Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson narrated by Michael Kramer. Ever since, it has become his passion to become the greatest narrator and voice actor he can be.

Nick has narrated 20+ titles, so far, in genres ranging from religious non-fiction to fantasy to noir thriller and even one children's book. If you have a fantasy/sci-fi book with many characters, a thriller that requires just the right amount of suspense, or even a religious book that needs a touch of expertise, then he can fill that role for you.


Nick Flesher_Sci-fi_3rd_M-F-M
00:00 / 60:32:45
Nick Flesher_Thriller_3rd_M-M
00:00 / 45:29:21
Nick Flesher_Christian Literature_NF_1st_M-M
00:00 / 51:09:49
Nick Flesher_Fantasy_M-M-F
00:00 / 49:02:15

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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