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Ozzie Jacobs

Ozzie Jacobs


American, Black American

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A Yoga Therapist and Personal Trainer turned voice actor, Ozzie has starred as a femme fatale, a rambunctious elf, and a sassy pre-teen mouse in three upcoming audio dramas. She’s narrated for a Top 5 Publisher and Indie authors in a variety of genres including Science Fiction, YA, Women’s Fiction, and Inspirational Memoir. Ozzie loves exploring intriguing story worlds and bringing life to unique, quirky, and adventurous protagonists.

Fun Facts: Ozzie is a Star Wars and Star Trek junkie. She loves anime and role-playing video games and is currently adapting one of her short films into a comic book.


1st Person, YA Dystopian, Dialogue featuring Southern Accent
00:00 / 43:12:39
1st Person, Romantic Comedy, MF Dialogue
00:00 / 45:26:44
Non-Fiction, Memoir, Confessional, Vulnerable
00:00 / 42:42:10
1st Person, Romantic Tension, MF Dialogue
00:00 / 47:30:23
3rd Person, Science Fiction
00:00 / 82:46:47
1st Person, Thriller
00:00 / 50:24:32
Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Motivating, Conversational
00:00 / 50:06:41
3rd Person, Romantic Comedy
00:00 / 60:06:12

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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