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Rory Barnett


American, British, Australian, South African

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Rory is a British male narrator, who’s been nominated for numerous awards in both the UK and US. He lives in the leafy London suburb of Richmond and when he's not narrating in his studio, you can find him walking his dog, cycling or ordering the world's best flat white at his local cafe (which has made him way too fussy about the coffee at other establishments!)

He is a real linguist, is fluent in French and has studied German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Latin and even Ancient Greek. This linguistic grounding, together with a very well-tuned ear, gives him the ability to deliver fully formed, believable accents for characters all over the globe. According to Audiofile magazine, he “hits the bull’s-eye with his performance.”


*Awards & Accomplishments*

2017 SOVAS Nomination: Best Fiction Audiobook
2018 One Voice Nomination: Voice Artist of the Year
2021 SOVAS Nomination: Best Classic Fiction Audiobook
2021 SOVAS Nomination: Best Education Audiibook
2024 One Voice Nomination: Best Fiction Audiobook Narration


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