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Russ is a UK based broadcaster / journalist and voice artist.

He has worked for some of the biggest broadcast companies in the UK including Capital Radio, Virgin Radio, Absolute Radio, TalkSPORT, Sky Tv, Sky Sports, ITV and ITV Sport.

His career has covered 2 spheres entertainment presentation and sport presentation.

Russ is also an author having written sports books 'Football Babylon' and 'Football Babylon 2' as well as entertainment books like 'Russ and Jono's Breakfast Experience' and 'Sad But True'.

He has written columns for newspapers and magazines on sport and recently shared his research and proven facts on the power of walking exercise for physical and mental health in his book 'How To Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy'. This has now been turned into a video study course as well as an audio course.


Vampire Stories ( extract)
00:00 / 41:36:26
Essex Tudor Rebel - Historical Factual Book
00:00 / 68:42:33
Missing At Midnight - Crime Novel (Amber Rodgers)
00:00 / 49:07:02
Vedanta Philosophy - 5 Lectures on Reincarnation
00:00 / 29:24:34
Art's Dark Side - Art Crime Book (J.K.Artson)
00:00 / 55:37:08
1973 - A History of the 1973 UFO Wave (Kevin A Randle)
00:00 / 24:31:33
Muder on the Cul-De-Sac - Crime Novel (Amber Rodgers)
00:00 / 74:46:05

*Awards & Accomplishments*

1996 Sony Radio award for Best National Radio Breakfast show for Virgin Radio's 'Russ and Jono' show with Jonathan Coleman.
Russ and Jono show - New York Radio award.
Arquiva awards - Best Sport Programme 'Rock n Roll Football' ( Absolute Radio) 2014 and 2015.
Member of the UK Radio Academy 'Hall of Fame' for outstanding contribution to radio.


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